available on Comifuro 4, 6-7 sept 2014, gelanggang remaja otista

circle: just BL (i-2 and i-3)


Kuroko no Basuke fanbook 3

"Natural Day".

Pairing: Akashi Seijuurou x Furihata Kouki (+ kuroko & kagami)

Genre: shonen-ai, gag, fluff

rating: PG-13

price: IDR 45.000 / USD 5 (bonus mini spiral notes)

size B6++, 30 Pages include some amazing guest art by kuroneko3132, skygaze-renka923, and jiyuhaku


ahahaha no, i haven’t finished this doujinshi yet.. still have 6 more pages that i need to put the screentone (and typesetting). orz.. but i think it will finish in 3 more days.. so i can take this doujin to the event. ^^.

for indonesian customer.. pre order will be start open tomorrow, i’ll open it on my fb account. and for the overseas order.. i’ll try to open it at here after comifuro. so please stay tuned. ^^

thx for coming. <3

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I just want to try and see what Furi would look like as a one coin figure but it got out of hand really fast…………..

NB - this is fake. in case it causes anyone misunderstanding ; v ;

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Finally I’m done making video based on this fic! I’m sorry it took so long, almost two weeks late /sobs.

This video is based on and is semi-sequal of this fic. You do not need to read it to understand this video but you have to bear in mind that both are made with this following setting, which you need to read to understand this video:

  1. There are 2 Akashi (as mentioned in canon); the one with red eyes, before his emperor eyes awakened and after 266 Q (referred as oreshi) and the one with heterochromatic eyes, after his emperor eyes awakened and before 266Q (referred as bokushi). And then there’s Furihata.
  2. After their first contact in WC’s opening, Furihata and Bokushi started their relationship. Furihata didn’t know there are two Akashi and 'Akashi' that Furihata likes is only bokushiBut both bokushi and oreshi likes Furihata (since oreshi is ‘supposedly’ inside Akashi’s consciousness all along, I’m assuming he was ‘watching’ from inside until 266Q).
  3. After 266Q, based on Oreshi’s monologue, it’s under the assumption that bokushi has disappeared, thus oreshi is back in charge of his body.
  4. Since it was always bokushi who was in charge of ‘Akashi’ during the period he started to know Furihata, Furihata only know bokushi and did not know oreshi.Thus oreshi is basically stranger to Furihata.
  5. Implied character death.

Um, enjoy…

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Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season BD/DVD 4 NG-shuu (EP34-36)

[Please do not re-upload the video, thank you!]

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Other skirt sets x and x

More cute things here

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Seirin in maid costume! O(≧∇≦)O


Seirin in maid costume! O(≧∇≦)O

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Kuroko no Basuke Official Fan Book CHARACTERS BIBLE Plus part 1

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Kuroko no Basuke Official Fan Book CHARACTERS BIBLE Plus part2

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This is a scanlation of a special full-color story from Yowamushi Pedal, entitled “Mountain God Winter Party” and featuring Onoda, Manami, and Toudou who was the main reason why I wanted to translate.

This special was bundled with RIDE.285 in Shuukan Shounen Champion at the beginning of January, so it’s pretty recent. It doesn’t have any explicit spoilers per se, but I think it’s best enjoyed at least after you’ve read to the end of the Inter-High arc.

UH I’M NOT A PRO AT ALL WHEN IT COMES TO SPORTS TERMINOLOGY AND WHATNOT SO… Just think of this as a speed scanlation from a crazed Toudou Hakogaku fangirl to tide you over until the better scanlators catch up to this point. |D


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